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Thomas Hirschhorn introduces 'In-Between' at South London Gallery

Thomas Hirschhorn introduces his exhibition 'In-Between' at South London Gallery

July 2015

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Thomas Hirschhorn: In-Between

Thomas Hirschhorn introduces 'In-Between' at South London Gallery

Thomas Hirschhorn: In-Between at South London Gallery

For his first major solo show in London in many years, Swiss artist Thomas Hirschhorn presents a new work this Summer at the South London Gallery. The exhibition entitled In-Between  is based on and highlighting the the quote; "Destruction is difficult. It is as difficult as creation." by Italian Marxist theorist and politician, Antonio Gramsci, this new artwork continues the artist's exploration of ruins in recent works. He states: "The aesthetic of In-Between borrows from pictures of destruction-destruction by violence, by war, by accident, by nature, by structural failures, by corruption, by fatality. I want to establish a body of work which encompasses Antonio Gramsci's quote. Without being anecdotic or literal, I can testify that to set-up a work in an exhibition space which gives form to destruction is indeed as difficult as anything else. With In-Between I want to create a new form, I want to propose an experience, an art-experience in the range of 'successes', failures and in-betweens."

Please click here to watch a film of Thomas Hirschhorn introducing his exhibition at the SLG and to listen to Hirschhorn introduce his exhibition on the SLG Soundcloud account please click here.

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