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Exploring Live Art

During the 2011 Summer Academy for the Louis Vuitton Young Arts Project REcreative met with several

August 2011

Posted under: Education projects, Curator interviews, Live and performance art, Young artist-led projects

Exploring Live Art

Exploring Live Art: Alter Egos.

Lucy Panesar is an artist, educator and facilitator but she also has an alter-ego, the market researcher Felicity Mukherjee. In 2011 Lucy (with help from Felicity...) was the lead artist and facilitator of the Louis Vuitton Young Arts Project Summer Academy. And in 2011 the week-long annual academy explored live art as The Academy of Youth Mythology. Here, REcreative talks to both Lucy and Felicity about their work, about their different understandings of live art and about how character-based performance is one way of creating an interactive live work. The other involves dancing.... 


A Live Art Tour.

 Marcia Farquhar is an artist who works in performance, sound and video. For the 2011 Louis Vuitton Young Arts Project Summer Academy, an annual week-long event for 50 young people, Marcia organised a live art tour that used the 50th anniversary of the Festival of Britain and the Southbank to explore ideas of history and memory. Using site-specific encounters and objects - including a large sign directing people 'Onwards' - Marcia also used music and lemonade as way to explore nostalgia.


Exploring Live Art: working with sound.

Edwin Burdis is an artist who works primarily with sound. Here Edwin talks about what it means to be an artist - as opposed to a musician - about his artistic and musical agendas and about some of the more unconventional sounds he's used in his work. In 2011 Edwin ran a sound workshop for participants of the Louis Vuitton Young Arts Project Summer Academy, The Academy of Youth Mythology. Check out what happened in the workshop and the hear the piece the group created, inspired by the sounds and stereotypes surrounding youth today. 


Laura & Lauren talk about collaborating with an audience.

 Laura and Lauren are Laura Sweeney and Lauren Willis, artists who work collaboratively to create live art works that explore the audience/performer relationship. Here they talk about their practice and the workshops they facilitated during the 2011 Louis Vuitton Young Arts Project Summer Academy, The Academy of Youth Mythology.  These workshops looked at the processes involved in conceiving and then creating a work of live art and the film shows what some of the particpants got up along London's Southbank... (hint: they're the ones wrapped in paper...)  


Curating Live Art: Emma Leach.

 Emma Leach is an artist, project manager and the Live Art Curator for the Whitstable Biennale in Kent. She was invited to the 2011 Louis Vuitton Young Arts Project Summer Academy to work with the participants to help them develop their own ideas for a live art performance. Emma talks here about how she came to be working at the Biennale, about commissioning and programming works of live art and what makes a successful work of live art as both an art work and an experience.