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Working as a manga artist

Posted: 04/03/13
Updated: 16/03/13

On Monday the 25th Febuary I took a class of students, teaching them how to draw manga bodies, poses and how the cloths crease, me and the manga artist, Karen Rubins have been emailing back and forth in order to come up with the right lesson plan for the younger students.

Overall I found the experience pretty interesting with the idea of teaching in the same way as Karen before, but I have thought about teaching childeren, but in a primary school setting rather than in a workshop teachig instesead.

The lesson started with me introducing what we are doing, then I asked a couple of people to pose for me to draw and I would show them how to do it, but they suggested some poses instead of volertieing to pose, which is when Karen stepped in to offer a pose to the class which we all drawed, I think that it went really well and I was gald that Karen stepped in to help otherwise there would have been that weired moment were no one would volantir to pose.

After drawing the basic anatomy pose for the pose Karen suggested, I asked around to see if ant one needed help with there drawings, a couple of people were fine, but some found it hard to do so the asked me if it was ok for the to draw example poses from the resource sheet I gave them, so that they could get a general idea of how I draw body propurtions and positions, overall I was ok with them doing this but I still would have liked them to have had a go at doing it.

With the use of behaviour, was oveall pretty good, but there were three students that did not really pay attention to the lesson,which I found out towards the end of the lesson, when I asked them how they got on, I looked at there work and it was not the work that I asked them to do but it was ok, considering they did do something similar to what I wanted but it would have been better if they did do the work.


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Sorry it is not finished but it will be soon

Jade Haggett
05/03/13 14:47