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Posted: 04/02/13

Sophie Victoria Elliott 'Untitled [Snow]' January 2013.

When being snowed in I plodded through the grounds and landscapes around me and took buckets of snow and twigs and leaves back to the studio. These are some of the results. 


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Thank you James Smith.

More work to come...

Sophie Victoria Elliott
23/04/13 11:41

Hi Sophie,
Our March critic James Smith, editor and co-founder of This Is Tomorrow, has chosen your project as one of his Critic's Picks and had this to say about your work:

"I like the idea of setting yourself rules or constraints as an artist as this can lead you into areas you might not otherwise explore. As we see in this project by limiting your material to that just gathered at a particular time and place can lead to some wonderful and beautiful results. I like the organic shapes and otherworldly colours."
Congratulations and looking forward to seeing more of your work on the site soon!

Jo REcreative
10/04/13 12:57