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Tate Britain launch

Posted: 08/06/11

The project is a partnership between Tate Britain, London; Museum of Contemporary Kiasma, Helsinki; Centre Pompidou, Paris; and Tate Liverpool, Liverpool. During 2010-2011, each space will host collaborative cross-gallery collection inspired events curated by, and for, young people.

A Sense of Perspective at Tate Britain marked the opening of the first of four international events and displays. The display is the culmination of collaborative work let by Tate Forum, Tate Britain's advisory youth group and artist Raimi Gbadamosi. Using various media, the display enabled young people to use Tate collection as a catalyst to explore the theme 'A Sense of Perspective' in response to electoral and democratic processes. The launch coincided with Loud Tate 2010 and each youth group were invited to put on a workshop for young people inspired by the theme 'Superminitinybig'.

Photo by Richard Eaton
Photo by Richard Eaton