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Summer Academy gets underway!

Posted: 13/08/12

Here's just a handful of photos from the first day. Photographer Richard Eaton went to Dalston Library with Group A today so there'll be photos from the other groups coming in the next couple of days.

What did you think of the first day? What did you make of Michael and Ingar's presentation and their ideas about what public art can be?

And the big question - what do you think of the plinths?

If you'd like to know more about Artichoke Trust, the company that Helen Marriage set up and that was responsible for producing Anthony Gormley's One and Other and the beautiful elephant in central London, check out:

We'll post some pictures from Elmgreen & Dragset's presentation soon but in the meantime, join the group and post up any pictures you've taken so far.


All photos here: Courtesy Richard Eaton

Michael Elmgreen at Whitechapel Gallery this morning.
Ingar Dragset.
Talking public art and Trafalgar Square.
Elmgreen, Dragset and the golden boy on the rocking horse.
Heading to St Martin's in the Field.
Helen Marriage, co-director of Artichoke.
Thoughtful faces!
Paul and his megaphone on the bus!
Heading to Dalston Library, one of the four sites
Talking with artist Jo Briton.
Jo discussing some ideas with the group.
The plinth! In situ at Dalston Library.


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It looks like quite an active 1st day, and the empty plinth seems quite conceptual.

Daniel Wallis
21/08/12 09:56