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Sketchbook Ponderings

Posted: 25/06/12


Catch the train from Caerphilly to Heath High Level.

Cycle through Roath to Milkwood Gallery.

Sit in the basement for hours looking, staring, processing, reflecting and eventually doodling.

I made a concertina of paper so the eventual scale was not considered. The beginning of the paper began with the beginning of my journey; Caerphilly. The images above show sections of the work from the train journey. I am currently finishing the composition for the train journey part and moving on to the bike journeys.

Through doing this seemingly random act of linear brainstorming I have stumbled upon a design for a wall wrap or installation. Once I have finished reflecting on the travel between Heath and Milkwood I will begin to up-scale and transform the basement space. The continual journeys I am doing will overlap on top of the first two, culminating in a visual map of my travels.