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Roundhouse Review

Posted: 20/03/13

On the 17th March 2013, I took part in a exchange event at the Roundhouse, with 12 other students.

The first thing we did we talk about why we wanted to do the arts w]award and how it benifited us,

Secondly we got in to three groups of 4 to 5 people, and they asked use to write and present improvments that the roundhouse could do in order to help use or other people with the arts award.

Thirdly we talked about the good and bad things about the biggest networks e.g. youtube, facebook and other compainies.

Then we had lunch.

Fourthly we all did a presentation, on our own individual arts award, me and Chantelle both did ours together, because we were doing the same thing.

After we looked around the, Roundhouse looking at all it's features and facilities.

Final we did a little workshop on how to write a good review, and what is the best was to go about writing it, with a very interesting presentaion done by an actural theater critic.



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I will add more detail afterwords.

Jade Haggett
20/03/13 16:52