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Review of Arts Challenge

Posted: 20/03/13

The 20th March 2013,  

I have completed, character creations, character illistrations, research, story borads and the first and part of thes second page of my manga comic, all of these images can be found inmy protfolio and on the recreative website. Overall I am very pleased with the outcome of the project, but considering I was not able to complete the whole thing, I will working on this comic after the arts award is finished, I am proud of my time magagment and working on the arts award along with school work and because I consistantly kept this up right until the end even with exam revision and other tasks that could have slown me down but I kept on working. I am happt with the quality of my drawings and the characters I have created. 


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By looking at your work, I found it really interesting fun reviewing it, specially when i was looking at the characters. The drawing is excellent and the planning is amazing. I happy that I am one of your character in your comic. It great and well done!!! Hopefully everything goes well!!

20/03/13 19:21