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Purple Vines

Posted: 30/11/15

This was an experiment using a slightly more figrative variation of abstract. I used thread to bring the piece out and show the trapped nature of Alice. I chose to use block colours to contrast the compleate expressive nature of the previous piece. The patterns of the vines were heavely influenced by Fiona Rae.


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Dear George,

Congratulations! Our recent critic Guillaume Breton, Curator and Co-Director, Rowing has chosen your project as one of his critic's picks this month. He had this to say about your work:

"Beyond the initial them of addiction I believe the artist provides to the story a different reading and context. Alice is there taken out of context to become a motif that can be manipulated and obliterated leading the viewer and reader to many new potential stories. Transforming the book and or the exhibition into an open text. The work seems to have different possibilities as s book and/or installation"

Congratulations again,


Laura REcreative
21/01/16 15:15