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OXYGEN+ part 2

Posted: 15/11/11

This pictures represent the lack of oxygen in the cities of this world, in our cities! Less of a project, this is a initiative i would like to take. It's simple but yet effective. Plant a tree in your city, take a picture of it and post it here on REcreative in your account under the name 0XYGEN+. Let's make something out of this!


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I'm really excited for this. I would love to leave this initiative open and give people the chance to embrace the feeling of planting a tree in their cities. There are no rules or guidelines. I'm in it as well!! i'm cruising the city of Milano (where i live) and soon i will have my tree planted and posted!!!

16/11/11 23:13

I love this initiative Christos! I'll be interested to see how many people respond to it. Again I'm really struck by the visual richness of these photographs. They have quite a strong narrative suggestion to them.

Jo REcreative
16/11/11 12:18