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New York Ballerina Project

Posted: 20/07/12

Amazing use of light and body form :)


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Thanks Jo!
I didn't think of adding in the name/s of the artists, but I'll research it and edit the post.
I really enjoyed the art assassins club last Thursday and will definately be there this week, so I look foward to meeting you!

24/07/12 15:35

Hi Ashley,

These are such beautiful images - I can see why you like them!

Something you should definitely do when you post inspiring pics of work by others is mention who they're by - that way other people can check them out and it's a really nice thing to give credit to the artists who you like and who inspire you. You could include their name - and if they have a website you could post that too. Tell us how you found them - the more we know about them the better!! :-)

Sarah told me you came by to Art Assassins on Thursday - I'm normally in the gallery too so I look forward to meeting you when you next come by. It's fab to have you on REcreative and I'm looking forward to seeing more of your projects here too!


Jo REcreative
24/07/12 13:10