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National Maritime Museum Photography

Posted: 19/03/13

On the 22nd Febuary 2013, I visited the National Maritime Museum, were I did a Photography course based on the work by Ansel Adams.

When we arrived we all introduced our selves and then we all looked through the 4 tasks we were going to do, and they were going to be based around these three topics; Motion, Reflection and Texture.

For the first task we managed to look around the Ansel Adams exabition, and took down the chatalog or ID number so that could discus why we choose them, and for this we were seated in a group of three, and we all looked througjh the book and discused which of these fitted the three themes we looked at earlier.

For the second task we watched two films based around Ansel Adams, and how he became this artist. What I found out about him was that he, mainly focused on water and ice image just like the one I took, which was influanced by his work, also when technology started to change he started to develop depresion towards the new technology, which he managed to get over.

The final task we did was taking Photographs in the same way as Ansel ADames did, and we had to alture and change them, so that we could choose the best three the show one of each theme from the beginig of the day.

Overall I found the whole exspirence really fun and interesting because I managed to learn a lot of different camera techniques and how to take a good photo, however the only bad thing was the weather, due to lots of snow and cold weather which made the pictures come out either blury of distourted.

One of three pictures that I took at the National Maritime Museum