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On location with the Film School - Art Licks Tour, Peckham

Posted: 28/02/13

On Saturday the second of our third Film School teams was out on location in Peckham for an interview with Art Licks editor Holly Willats. 

Filmmakers Leila and Vilja were supported by their mentor, Dominic Sutherland from Next Shoot, and after an interview with Holly (admiring the view of the SLG from Holly's front window!) talking about how and why she set up Art Licks, we set off for a tour of some of the local Peckham art spaces.

Joined by a handful of REcreative Editorial Board members, unafraid of the zero temperatures and snow flurries, we had a couple of brilliant hours visiting the South London Gallery, Peckham Space, The Sunday Painter and Arcadia Missa. All of which was documented by Leila and Vilja for their film. 

A huge thanks to all the galleries who let us visit - camera crew in tow! - and to Leyla, Rhiannon, Anjuli, Ellie and Rudi for braving the weather.

If you want to know more about Art Licks (the website, the magazine, the tours or the upcoming festival!) then check out: 

And stay tuned for the film too - obviously!

Setting up the shot in Holly's living room
Dominic briefing Vilja on the interview
Holly in the hot seat!
Considering David Blandy's exhibition at Peckham Space
Arriving at the Sunday Painter
A talk from exhibiting artist Rob Chavasse
En route to Arcadia Missa
Spotted in one of the artist's studios at Arcadia Missa...