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Leadership Project; Review

Posted: 20/03/13
Updated: 22/03/13

Leadership review;

What happened on the project?

On the project I taught a class of nine manga drawers, how to draw body positions and clothing creases, which means that I showed them how to draw a certain pose and how clothes fit that specific pose with all the different creases.

What was the produce/end result?

The end result was to teach these kids’ how to draw body positions and clothing, and by looking at the work they did at the end it was pretty clear that I got the end result.

What did you enjoy most?

I enjoyed helping the students with the body positions and clothing, also showing what I can do, because not many people have seen my work, so it was good to have people see it.

What did you find the most difficult/complicated?

The most difficult thing was to get the attention of the class, because some of the students were talking over me and a small group were not doing the work that was set, but I did have help from Anna Blackman, who is an art collage organiser and she helped me to gain a bit of control over the class.

What was the feedback from others?

(In portfolio but here is the typed version)

Batiel Hashin; "Jade Haggett is a splendid teacher. She focused on the mai points of teaching firstly, and then afer making sure that all of her students understood she started to get it to more detail".

"She taught me and my peers about concentvating on the pose on the characters. If the character is standing still all the time the story will be pointless and very boring. I wish she was my real teacher ! Also, I thought she was so good that I viewed her as the real teacher and was bored when the official teacher started teaching us".

(PS: Jade's Manga is awesome!!)

Thoufecit Choedhory; "Jade Haggett has thought me alot of what I know and she has also tought me body positions which will help me with my characters poses. I would recommend her to start her own manga class".

What do you think about the feedback?

I am really suprised with what  some of the students have said about me becaus I my opinion I was thinking they would write, something bad but instead they just suprised me, and also with comments about me, being "awesome" and  being viewed as a "real teacher" is a really good feeling, which made me consider having a similar job to what Karen Rubins does.

(I was pretty speachless)

What have you learn about leadership?

I have learn that it is pretty hard to be a leader or do a leadership role because there could have been lots of things that could have gone wrong, but I did learn that teaching children is really fun to do and it kind of made me think about doing the same job as Karen Rubins.

What have you learn about communication?

Communication is very important, not just with talking to the students, but also with planning because, I was not able to see Karen all the time so I had to email her with, what I was going to do as well as asking for ideas on what I could do for that lesson.

What have you learnt about planning?

I leant that without it I could not deliver the workshop, so by photocopying my book and by having the emails as well, just gives me that bit of confidence on how to go about the lesson.

What have you learnt about your art form?

I learn that if you have not gotten this far in the art of manga you will find it very hard to do, just like some of the students did, which is why I did a couple of example drawings during the planning stages to show the group that this is what I will be looking at in terms of my opinion, but I know that they will have their own individual style, so it would be pretty impossible for them to get the exact style, but as long as it looked like the model (Karen Rubins) it was ok.

What would you do differently next time?

  • Have students that do not know much about manga.
  • Take a leadership role again but with a different aspect of manga.
  • Take more time to plan the workshop.
  • Shown the drawings in a larger scale to get the group to understand a bit more.