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Leadership Planning; Problems

Posted: 20/03/13

These are 5 points of what could go wrong and how I will handel it;

1. Fire alarm - because I have a member of staff with me, we would ask them to stop what the were doing and ask them to leave in an ordlly manner to wards the neaest exit and

2. No one turned up - I would rearrage the date to the following week and encourage the to turn up to this workshop.

3. If Karen Rubins or Anna Blackman did not turn up - if she was not there I would still go along with the arrangement but I would also consider cancelling it due to no proper supervioion.

4. If I was ill - I would rearrange it for the next sesion, with help from Karen and Anna.

5. No equipment - I would borrow, equipment from the art department, photocopy the work from my manga book, if I did not bring my book then I would ask Karen to help me.