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Day Two: Inflatable Art and an Ice Cream Van

Posted: 14/08/12

Some highlights from day two of The Academy Goes Public:

Aditi gets the group going with some dodgy dance moves in Poplar

Some bouncing at the Baths on Anthea Hamillton & Nicholas Byrne's LOVE and a talk from Frieze Projects Curator Sarah McCrory.

And an afternoon at Hackney CIty Farm with Becca and Sam from the Ice Cream Van establishing the Society for Tuesday Afternoons.

If you want to know more about the Frieze Projects check out:

And for more info on The Ice Cream Van:

If there's any other information you'd like from today or yesterday just post a comment and we'll fill you in on whatever you want to know!


All photos courtesy: Richard Eaton


Aditi getting the group moving and shaking in Poplar
Aditi in action
Inside 'LOVE' by Anthea Hamilton & Nicholas Byrne
Exploring Frieze Projects East
Inside the former Poplar Bath House.
Becca and Sam from Arts Admin, who run The Ice Cream Van Presents...
Ice Cold Drinks! Yes please.
Lisa and Roshni give the thumbs up
Society for Tuesday Afternoon members
Preparing the banners
Group shot.
Another resident at Hackney City Farm
On parade


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You guessed it :-)

Jo REcreative
18/09/12 15:48

I think I know what you're talking about, i think it was when i got out of the waterfountain lol :D

18/09/12 15:41

There's a short clip but it's not embarrassing I promise! You look great! - and a little bit wet from the fountain :-)

Jo REcreative
18/09/12 15:34

Yup! oh gosh I hope there's no embarrassing clips of me in the film, but i can't wait for it though! :)

18/09/12 15:32

You found the pictures Samima! They are fab aren't they!!

The films from the week will be up tomorrow so look out for them :-)

Jo REcreative
18/09/12 15:28

Aaaah good times good times! :)

18/09/12 15:26

Aaaah good times good times! :)

18/09/12 15:25

Is Lisa's comment directly related to what's going on in the pictures? I can imagine everyone chanting it whilst they are walking.

What is the thinking behind the outfits, and the cups on the nose?

Most importantly though - did the ice cream van actually serve ice creams?

Daniel Wallis
21/08/12 09:59

Tuesdays ticking by! Wednesdays chicken pie! :)

lisa nkwo
19/08/12 20:44