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Day Three: Art on the underground, in the town hall and in the planning!

Posted: 15/08/12

Day three we met Louise Coysh from Art on the Underground and heard all about what they do, why they do it and how they do it - curating, planning and realising art installations across the London transport network. 

You can find out more about Art on the Underground here:

After Louise's talk it was a tour of the South London Gallery, hearing from Stuart Middleton and Jon Sack about the current exhibition, "Pursuit of Perfection: The Politics of Sport" and exploring how different works have been installated in spaces across the gallery AND in the former Southwark Town Hall.

At lunch we embarrassed Jo with cake and singing and then everyone split up into their groups for a series of trips. Photos here are from Seb's trip to Walter's Way to look at an unusual street in SE23 where the houses were flatpacked and built by their owners in the 1970s. No pictures of the HUGE hill we walked up but it was huge, trust us.

Other groups - PLEASE POST PICS FROM YOUR TRIPS! It would be great to show off where everyone else went today. One group went to Abercrombie & Fitch and another group bought an old barbers chair - with the sink still attached! We want to see!

Photos courtesy: Richard Eaton

Louise Coysh, curator of Art on the Underground gives her talk at the SLG
Stuart shows participants John Gerrard's work at the Southwark Town Hall, part of the SLG exhibition "Pursuit of Perfection"
John Gerrard's work "Exercise (Dijibouti)" 2012
Contemplating Janice Kerbel's sound piece
Stuart demonstrating... ummm?
Paul Pfieffer's work
Amongst Aleksandra Mir's Triumph.
Seb and his group planning their work before lunch
Happy birthday Jo! (you knew we'd include this pic)
At Walters Way, looking at the built environment and flat-packed houses!


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Happy Birthday Jo!

Daniel Wallis
21/08/12 10:04