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Posted: 30/08/12


Thursday saw artist Ruth Proctor start the workshop in a unique way - on the roof of the Whitechapel Gallery! Ruth’s description of her surroundings were made audible in the creative studio and it didn’t take them long to spot her out of the balcony.

Through theatre-inspired exercises Ruth explored ideas of performance and physical actions as a way of making art with the group. They discussed art in relation to space and time using ideas such as mapping as a starting point. They then moved on to sharing ideas on what art can be, and where art can happen.

The group ended up staging several ‘interventions’ out in the streets of Whitechapel. They were interested in how altering their normal behaviour in public could alter strangers’ experiences of it too.  Their experiments included greeting random passengers exiting Aldgate East station with a round of applause and ‘freezing’ in groups on the street.

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