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Day 2: Leigh Clarke

Posted: 22/08/12


Back for Day 2 with Artist Leigh Clarke.

Leigh's workshop encouraged participants in the Bootcamp to research and consider how humour plays a vital part in raising awareness about political issues. In his 'Heads of State' installation in the 'London Open', Leigh has focussed on how the latex fancy dress mask has become a major protest tool in communicating injustices led by political leaders. Another political method of attracting attention in the media is by making puppets for protest marches and Leigh led the group in creating their own politcal puppet show.


Find out more about Leigh's practice:

Leigh introduces the day...
...and talks about 'Heads of State'
Researching political leaders
Getting started with the puppet making
Merkel (with all the Euros)
Governor Arnie
Let the show commence!
Take a bow!