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'If walls could talk'

This brief is for BTEC Art Level 3 and AS Critical and Contextual Studies students at Shooters Hill.

Taking inspiration from South London Gallery’s exhibition Kinjiketile Suite by the artist Kipwani Kiwanga (15 April – 7 June) REcreative invites you to create your own project in response to the themes in the exhibition.

In producing work for the exhibition, Kiwanga looks to her own heritage to investigate how stories are passed down from generation to generation, and change over time. As a result, history is presented as something that we produce through these stories and sometimes is a combination between fact and fiction.

For this project we encourage you to think about your own cultural story or history. What is your place within it? When did it happen? Who told you this story? How would you tell this story to someone else?

This is a type of a self-portrait or autobiographical project and it might be helpful to start by looking at the way we define ourselves everyday through objects and images, for example, the way we dress or the images we use on social media. There are no restrictions on what medium you choose to tell your personal history - only make sure that you are passionate about offering an alternative way of telling your story and not accepting the obvious answers. In Kinjiketile Suite,Kiwanga has used objects, found photographs, sound and video to communicate her cultural history to exhibition audiences. What objects or actions, images or words would you use to tell something about your heritage?

In order to complete the brief we would like you to set-up your Recreative profile and upload weekly content showing us how your project is progressing: this could include writing, images, video or sound. Research is the basis of Kapwani Kiwanga’s work, when thinking about this project try and think about what could count as research for you.

An important thing to remember is we will not just be looking at end results but are interested to see the whole process of how you got there. Your REcreative profile can be treated like a virtual sketchbook or diary so be sure to update your page regularly with thoughts, sketches, research etc.


Valid until: 
1 June 16