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Go Big!

This brief is for BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Art and Design students at Shooters Hill Sixth Form College.

Taking inspiration from the exhibition Katharina Grosse: This Drove My Mother Up The Wall at the South London Gallery (28th September to 3rd December 2017), REcreative invites you to create your own project in response to the themes in the exhibition and to working with artist Cristina Lina.

In the South London Gallery’s main exhibition space, Katharina Grosse has made a large scale and site-specific work. Her works go beyond the boundaries of a canvas or picture frame, and are created directly onto the gallery walls. Katharina often also makes installations outside of gallery spaces, working in public spaces by covering them with layers of colour.

Cristina Lina is an artist with an interest in public space and the possibilities of play. From large scale murals to go-kart races, her practice explores ways to re-appropriate spaces from the bottom up and to create strong shared experiences between people and in places.

For this project we encourage you to consider: how can we use and encounter art directly, outside of traditional gallery spaces or studios, as a means to communicate ideas and issues in our everyday lives?

There are two strands to this:

1.       Experimenting with making large-scale artworks: go BIG!

2.       Think about the production and the exhibition of an artwork outside of a studio or gallery space (outside of conventional art spaces).

The focus of this project is on play, experimentation and research: you don’t necessarily need to know where your project is going when you begin. Try using art as an open-ended research tool, it’s not about the final outcome!

In order to complete the brief we would like you to document your project either on a blog or through instagram to show us how your project is progressing: this could include writing, images, video or sound. The blog or instagram posts can be a platform for your artwork, sharing the process and having a dialogue with each other about the work.  You can treat it like a virtual sketchbook or diary, so be sure to update your page regularly with thoughts, sketches, research etc.

If using instagram, please use the hashtag: #upthewall and tag: @recreativeuk

An important thing to remember is we will not just be looking at end results but are interested to see the whole process of how you got there.

Cristina Lina Biography

Cristina Lina’s practice is both playful and antagonistic, and attempts to join the dots between art, education, and politics. Earlier this year she completed a project in collaboration with Andrew Gillman entitled ‘Rope Swings’ with an exhibition in Gothenburg, Sweden. Cristina was also recently commissioned to paint a mural in Manila with Malarko Hernandez, and has just finished a masters in Art and Design in Education at the Institute of Education in London. Cristina works part time at an adventure playground, and is mother to a two year old.

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31 December 18