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Conversation pieces

This brief is for BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Art and Design students at Shooters Hill Sixth Form College.

Taking inspiration from the exhibition Under the Same Sun: Art From Latin America Todayat the South London Gallery (10 June – 4 September) REcreative invites you to create your own project in response to the themes in the exhibition and to working with artist Sophie Mallett.

Sophie Mallett’s practice is concerned in part with ideas of nationality and borders, and how these relate to feelings of belonging or exclusion. She looks at how these ideas are manifested through culture, for example in national anthems and songs, which can either bring people together or exclude people. Many artists in Under the Same Sun also consider these questions; in Javier Téllez’s film One flew over the Void (Bala perdida) a human cannonball is shot over the border between into the U.S.A from Mexico, in a comment on the hardships of immigration for many Mexicans.

Amalia Pica, whose work A ∩ B ∩ C is included in Under the Same Sun, talks about her work being an "excuse for social interaction"; other artists within the exhibition also talk about how their artwork creates a dialogue. Carlos Amorales’ We’ll See How Everything Reverberates invites the public to interact, whilst Jonathas de Andrade’s work Posters for the Museum of the Man of the Northeast started with an advertising campaign inviting men to pose for the posters. Finally, Tania Bruguera gave people a platform to express free speech inTatlin’s Whisper.

For this project we encourage you to create work that starts a conversation and creates connections between people in different ways. The work is not the final piece, it is a means to an end, initiating an interaction or dialogue. Think about at what point the interaction happens: is it in the making, or in the viewing of the work? How will your artwork communicate what has happened, or what could happen if the view is invited to interact?You might want to explore some of the emerging themes: nationality, history, occupation, emancipation, exclusion and inclusion.

In order to complete the brief we would like you to set-up your Recreative profile and upload weekly content showing us how your project is progressing: this could include writing, images, video or sound. The blog itself can be a platform for your artwork, sharing the process and having a dialogue with each other about the work.

An important thing to remember is we will not just be looking at end results but are interested to see the whole process of how you got there. Your REcreative profile can be treated like a virtual sketchbook or diary so be sure to update your page regularly with thoughts, sketches, research etc.

Sophie Mallett is an artist exploring sound through the social, and the social through sound. Using a background in music, radio and documentary she pursues a practice focused on sounds' intersection with affect, politics and value. Her approach to making is rooted in collaboration and co-production with a reflexive emphasis on how artists and others can work together. Current work revolves around the re-territorialisation of networked global economies and peoples through the ongoing project National Anthems. It incorporates thinking and action around borders, surveillance and sounds, navigating through atopography of competing technologies that use sound and radio to define and confine territories. Educated at London College of Communication, Open School East, and Conservatorium of Music, University of Sydney, Mallett’s practice is both interdisciplinary and collaborative. Recent projects include: Artist in residence at [SPACE], London 2016; Horrid Little Hands, Eastside Projects, Birmingham 2016; Liminal States, RCA, London, 2016; Project Radio, &Model, Leeds, 2015; Live ASMR, Resonance FM and Open School East, London, 2015; Sonic Blind Dates, Tate Britain, London.

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31 December 16