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This month's exhibitions as chosen by Harry Lawson


This month's critic

Gareth Bell Jones is the Director for Flat Time House.

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  • The sacred fool was the first clown to wander out of the cave and off the cliff. And still he falls. At each Art Arcana event, the Borderland room manifests. A sacred space, filled with all manner of secrets. To celebrate All Hallows Eve at the Art Arcana - Halloween Special on the 24th of October, the Borderland room will offer its visitors the terrifying truth every Harlequin hides. Only a limited number of places exist. Be sure to book your appointment. Artwork - The Puppeter by Chris Mars

  • FoolishPeople is hosting a Ritual Art Workshop on the 23rd of July at the Coate Studios in Hackney, London. We facilitate workshops that offer the willing participant the opportunity to reconnect with the true nature of magical art in a safe and supportive environment, using core techniques developed over twenty years through FP’s own ritual workings and artistic practice. You will work with John Harrigan, founder of FoolishPeople to explore various visualisation, meditation and exercises that combine the essence of shamanism with ritual, drama therapy and personal mythology. These techniques will enable you to overcome fear, address emotional blocks and effectively control stress so you are ultimately free to explore your own path and journey in art and also life. Find more information and booking details here:

  • Join a workshop and discussion surrounding documentation and get practical advice towards developing photographs for your portfolio! Sat 23 April, 11-4pm, South London Gallery See more info here:

  • This Friday at South London Gallery, Masterclass and Film Screening: Things of the Aimless Wanderer

  • Artist Philomène Pirecki shares her top exhibition picks for this month including exhibitions at Maureen Paley, Supplement and RODEO Take a look here -->

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